YonSeL Corp

YonSeL Corp, a way forward to a better Haiti.

About Us

YonSeL Corp is a newly formed company located in Ile de la Tortue (northern Haiti).  The corporation was founded by its current President and CEO, Byssainthe-Loubens Theork in late 2011 with the goal of becoming a legal entity in 2016.  The company will invest in various industries to help address some of the economic challenges Haiti faces while maintaining high profit margins for our investors.  YonSel is a private entity and will remain private with the Theork family maintenaining major ownership.  The first 4-6 years of operation has been dedicated to conduct market research and lauched various prototypes prior to finalizing the top three industries we plan to operate.  We will officially open for Business in summer of 2016 (pending and depending on political stability in Haiti).

 YonSeL is considering to forcus its investments as follow: 

  1. Real Estate:  Will primarily focus in building affordable housing in Port-de-Paix and Ile de la Tortue in the first 3-5 years of operation.  We will build modern apartments and rent at affordable prices.  We will also build laundry mats to ease the washing of clothes throughout the region.  Construction is scheduled to begin in 2016 (depending on political stability in Haiti).
  2. Retail: As the real estate business is fully established, YonSeL will shift gear to invest in retail, selling customer products (i.e. Food, clothes, electronics) at low costs.
  3. Banking: Getting access to credit will be a big challenge.  Many small businesses currently do not have access to credible source of credit in northern part of Haiti.  As YonSeL gets more capital and stabilize its profit margin, we will look into starting a bank and/or investment firm to both finance the future investments of the corporation as well as providing access to credit to small businesses throughout the region.

 YonSeL will focus in delivering the goals stated above within first 10-15 years of operation.  We will provide more update as needed. 


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